New thinking
about healthcare.

The best
solution is to
resolve things

to make work
easier for you

New momentum
cannot be found
on old pathways.

About Us

A passion for

WMC Healthcare GmbH (WMC) is a management consulting company specialising in the hospital and healthcare sector, with headquarters in Munich. WMC provides consulting services and develops software and IT solutions for clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In addition, WMC provides management personnel in the clinic and hospital area with the special knowledge required, among other things, for efficient hospital and clinic management and for the deployment and optimisation of the software solutions.

Clients of WMC include hospitals, health insurance providers, and pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. The diversity of our fields of activity corresponds to the range of challenges faced by our clients. For example, these include corporate strategy, organisational structure and development, corporate planning and controlling, personnel planning and development, and special programmes for revenue growth, cost reduction, and increased yield.

As a top management consulting company, we specialise in developing and implementing practical solutions in close collaboration with our clients. In addition, at WMC the members of our team have national and international expertise in the healthcare sector and, as a rule, after graduating have distinguished themselves academically by obtaining a PhD in a relevant field, or a dual qualification. Many of our colleagues are familiar with practical management work through their own professional experience. We ensure this standard through a careful selection procedure and systematic employee development.

The founders of WMC are Dr. Reinhard Wichels and Dr. Tobias Möhlmann. Prior to the founding of WMC, Dr. Wichels and Dr. Möhlmann worked as partners for many years in an international management consulting company. Managing Directors of WMC are Dr. Reinhard Wichels, Prof. Dr. Christian Wallwiener and Mr. Christian Eckert.