To be better,
it is best
to aim for
the top.


In healthcare, we are at the top of our profession.

Healthcare: In this field we know more than almost anyone! Our team combines more than 50 years of experience in the healthcare sector, over a wide range of areas, including hospitals, health insurance providers, and pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

Our team has national and international expertise in healthcare. After graduating, as a rule our employees have distinguished themselves academically by obtaining a PhD in a relevant field, or a dual qualification. Many of our colleagues are familiar with practical management work through their own professional experience.

Consulting Approach

Focusing on realisation, rather than presentation.

As a top management consulting company, in close collaboration with our clients, we specialise in developing and implementing practical solutions: Flexible, implementation-oriented and sustainable. We adapt the intensity and duration of our support to your requirements. For us, the focus is not on the presentation, but on realisation.

We accompany you through every step of the implementation. In addition, our solutions ensure “keeping an eye on the essentials”. At the same time, our Academy supports the transfer of know-how to your employees.

The diversity of our fields of activity corresponds to the range of challenges faced by our clients. For example, these include corporate strategy, organisational structure and development, corporate planning and controlling, personnel planning and development, and special programmes for revenue growth, cost reduction, and increased yield.


Trust is our greatest asset.

Your interests and the best solution for you in your specific situation are our top priority. This is the most important principle of our consulting work. This does not mean telling you what you want to hear, but rather that we are always ready to provide you with more service, greater commitment and a better result.

Many of our projects are based on specific recommendations from our clients. We are pleased as this shows that they value our consulting services highly and trust our expertise. Thus, trust is our greatest asset. This trust is essential for our close, open collaboration with our clients. For us, this also means that we do not discuss our projects or clients. However, if you would like to know what we can do for you, please contact us.