Leadership via personality –
Understanding oneself and others

How do I come across to others? Knowing yourself and correctly assessing how you come across is a key factor in good leadership.

What are the key questions?

  • What personal traits influence my behaviour, e.g. under pressure?
  • How do I come across to my colleagues and superiors?
  • How do I react to particular types of personalty, and why?
  • Where do my strengths lie and how can I continue to develop both myself and my style of leadership?

How can you benefit?

  • Become aware of how you come across to others so that you can optimise your everyday communication
  • Identify your own strengths and potential for further development of your own style of leadership
  • Understand how you can motivate and steer different types of personality
  • Receive professional feedback on your leadership behaviour and the way you come across to others
  • Create an individual behaviour profile (self-image/external image)

Who are the participants?

Managers – across target groups for doctors, nurses and administrators

When and where does the seminar take place?

  • We will also be happy to offer this seminar as an in-house seminar for groups of 4 or more – simply get in touch.

We will be happy to send you more detailed information