Women in leadership roles –
Career strategies for female managers

Same professional training, same ambitions, different approaches – Consciously using feminine leadership qualities while remaining true to your own style

What are the key questions?

  • What are the typical challenges faced by female managers in their day-to-day work?
  • Are there really differences between men and women, and what does it means to my work as a manager?
  • What “unofficial” rules are there for women and men in a professional context and how can I exploit them to my own advantage?
  • How can I as a woman lead others in an authentic and effective way at work?
  • What career strategies and paths are suitable to me?

What benefits are to be had?

  • Analyse your own style of leadership: Identify strengths and weaknesses, leverage and use feminine leadership qualities while remaining true to your own style
  • Receive insights on how to sharpen your personal profile as an authentic manager
  • Discuss a number of challenges facing female managers and develop strategies for resolving them
  • Practise behaviour strategies for challenging situations

Who are the participants?

Female managers – across target groups for doctors, nurses and administrators

When and where does the seminar take place?

  • We will also be happy to offer this seminar as an in-house seminar for groups of 4 or more – simply get in touch.

We will be happy to send you more detailed information