Advanced employee leadership –
Mastering difficult leadership situations

Different personalities among personnel, disappointed expectations, extreme reactions – Taking a flexible approach to resolving challenging leadership situations 

What are the key questions?

  • What style of leadership is effective in what situations and with which employees?
  • How can I steer difficult employees?
  • What conflict management strategies can I employ in a deadlock situation? How can I de-escalate conflicts?
  • How can I hold difficult discussions with employees?

What benefits are to be had?

  • Reflect on your own style of leadership and develop it in a specific direction
  • Enlarge your own toolbox by adopting new leadership and conflict management strategies
  • Discuss and work on examples from your own experience
  • Benefit from your colleagues’ experience (peer advice on actual cases)
  • Gain confidence in handling difficult people and critical leadership situations

Who are the participants?

Managers – across target groups for doctors, nurses and administrators

When and where does the seminar take place?

  • We will also be happy to offer this seminar as an in-house seminar for groups of 4 or more – simply get in touch.

We will be happy to send you more detailed information