Counteracting internal withdrawal of employees –
Establishing motivation and reducing stress

Work-to-rule - Why employees are often unmotivated and what you, as a manager, can do differently

What are the key questions?

  • What motivates, what demotivates different types of employee?
  • What can I do in my capacity as a manger to build up/rebuild commitment and motivation?
  • What driving forces and motivating factors influence my behavior and how do they impact my collaboration with others?
  • What approaches can I take to change entrenched behavioural patterns and give a fresh impetus designed to meet specific aims?

What benefits are to be had?

  • Learn practical methods and measures aimed at boosting your employees’ commitment in a targeted and individual manner
  • Recognise signs of “internal withdrawal” at an early stage and learn strategies for countering it.
  • Learn to identify and mitigate the causes of loss of energy and wearing conflicts at work.

Reflect on the factors that drive you on and motivate you as well as on their implications for your collaboration with others

Who are the participants?

Managers – across target groups for doctors, nurses and administrators

When and where does the seminar take place?

  • We will also be happy to offer this seminar as an in-house seminar for groups of 4 or more – simply get in touch.

We will be happy to send you more detailed information